‘About Your Drinking…’

“There is a part of my mind that tells me to drink–

Just a tiny little voice convinces me.

Only my kids can stop me from drinking,” you said.

I know you realise the impact it had on our family,

And I want you stop as does your daughter and your ex-wife

and your parents and your work colleagues.

I understand the destruction of it, all of us suffered

I could not imagine the realisation of it or the deep guilt it would burden.

I understand your need of others…


But you must realise this: you are the cause

You have allowed this.

You must make a change to the problem.

It has proved to be beyond our family’s control.

Remember that drive during the night with me in the back?

It was traumatising; I thought you were a stranger.

I couldn’t trust my own dad.

How can I or my sister fix that?

What about that wedding you and…her brought up?

What happened to it?


I care about you because your my dad.

          You need to tackle your own problems.


Bloodink, Inkblood

A lovely poem. I really need to write everyday non-stop; playing TOO many videogames lately!

Writing from the Margins

A little something that wouldn’t let me go to sleep last night until I had written it down.

She writes with the blood in her veins, but it is not blood that runs in her veins. It is ink.

And the ink gets heavier and thicker with each passing day.

With each day, her skin is parchment, something for the world with which to play.

And when the ink grows to thick and the burden to great, she sits down and takes up the pen.

She dunks the pen into the inkwell that is her heart and she writes and writes and writes.

Writes out all that pain of the passing days.

The sorrow, the anger, the love and the joy.

She writes it all down, until her heart is empty and there is nothing to write down anymore.

The papers stack up in her apartment, but she doesn’t throw…

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‘Pluck My Strings’

Here’s an old poem I wrote during High School – it has a little twist at the end


If you do love me, then prove yourself.

Impress me.

Let this night float around us;

Stir in-between our small space.

Let our location fade away,

Loosen your focus,

And let your body take action.

Let it float upon me.

Tread your fingers on me;

From stomach to chest,

From neck to breast.

Reach into my soul, stir me within.

Pluck my strings

Let its music flow into you,

Inspire you.

Prove yourself — I have no experience.

Impress me.

My Character Drawings

Hi there!

This blog is dedicated to my drawings of characters. It will focus on Raneus, from my urban fantasy novel “Raneus” that is currently under development, and Ferry Marlon, a character who I’m still not sure what to do with him.

I hope you like tem 🙂

Ferry karate
Ferry Marlon – a large pogona man, fifth dan in karate and a former army commander



Raneus doodling (2)
Raneus, a humanoid wizard

Raneus dream screen shot

The Ultimate self day dream
Raneus’s ultimate self
Ferry and Gorilla Sensei friend fight
Ferry and his friend
Ferry's Solitary training
Ferry’s solitary training
A quick drawing of Raneus
An old drawing of Raneus – when I had first created him


Raneus walking
Raneus walking the streets of Pohl’s Bay, a fictional city


The following poem is inspired by my overall mood of 2017


Another thought, another mood

Another swing, and angry again.

For nothing. People remain confused

By me. It’s complicated, it twists ’round

It misleads. I think about why I feel

This way. “Why?” I lost to strength,

In a mess, in an unknown zone of

My mind. Lost, confused and angry.


Maybe this way, maybe that way,

Whatever way, I stay the same.

The whole year irritated

With myself, angry at myself

Angry with others, their words from the past

Haunt me, stay with me and I lose.

I ask “Why” and it’s all I can ask.

No answer; must do this alone


No matter how dark and lonely it is

I must find a way out, and feel ease.

I know this: time will tell, be patient

And answers will come to aid.

I must see this through soon,

So I ask “Why? Why do I feel like this?”

The question circles in my head, I confuse myself.

Frustration wells in my soul.