Hi there! This is a quick blog about my writing life.

I am currently on the first phase of outlining my novel I titled The Superiors of the Town and it makes me so excited because this idea has been on my mind a lot and I am finally doing something about it. I have written 932 words right now, and I know it’s not a lot because this is just the first phase: I gather ideas and put them on a Word document.

The story so far just comes off as depressing and devastating…but that is exactly how I imagined this story to be.

There are still some things I still need to figure out that I really need to: the protagonist’s name (the story really begins when he is old and is the Mayor of this fictional town called K), his love interest’s surname (spoilers: the love interest is male), making details about this fictional government clearer and some other things.

Keep up with my blog if you’re interested in my story. I look forward to writing this story and sharing my progress on WordPress (and other social media/blogs)


Johnluke Cuthbertson


It’s 00:49 and I’ve done some good work. Us writers we work so fucking better during the night 🙂 Feeling very satisfied



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