The following poem is inspired by my overall mood of 2017


Another thought, another mood

Another swing, and angry again.

For nothing. People remain confused

By me. It’s complicated, it twists ’round

It misleads. I think about why I feel

This way. “Why?” I lost to strength,

In a mess, in an unknown zone of

My mind. Lost, confused and angry.


Maybe this way, maybe that way,

Whatever way, I stay the same.

The whole year irritated

With myself, angry at myself

Angry with others, their words from the past

Haunt me, stay with me and I lose.

I ask “Why” andĀ it’s all I can ask.

No answer; must do this alone


No matter how dark and lonely it is

I must find a way out, and feel ease.

I know this: time will tell, be patient

And answers will come to aid.

I must see this through soon,

So I ask “Why? Why do I feel like this?”

The question circles in my head, I confuse myself.

Frustration wells in my soul.